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​Le ayudamos con todo servicio de inmigración incluyendo asuntos de visas (negocio, inversionista, turista, residente, estudiante, etc.), deportación, asilos, ciudadanías, etc. LLÁMENOS para concertar una cita con el abogado Milton Aponte.

The services that Milton Aponte Immigration Law provides worldwide include: Removal and Deportation Defense, Immigrant Visas, Nonimmigrant Visas, as well as Citizenship and Naturalization. 

Since beginning his private practice, Mr. Aponte is dedicated to the concerns of his clients working to make the immigration process work for them throughout Florida, the United States and abroad. His extensive knowledge of and experience in immigration law serves his clients well in obtaining a host of benefits including residency based on employment or family relationship, U.S. citizenship, visas for professionals, temporary stays, entrepreneurs, and investors.

What sets Mr Aponte apart from his competitors is his experience and practice. He is a former Assistant Immigration District Counsel for INS in Miami for 13 years; Former Assistant United States attorney in Miami, Florida for 10 years handling immigration related cases. He has traveled as an immigration prosecutor all over the State of Florida in detention centers handling criminal alien cases; he has litigated immigration cases in Honolulu, Hawaii; Guam; New York, N.Y., Cincinnati, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, and Louisiana.

Milton Aponte Immigration Law is located at 12401 Orange Drive., Suite 129, In Davie, Florida. If you require the services of an experienced immigration attorney in Florida, then give Mr. Aponte a call today.

The Milton Aponte Immigration Law Office provides comprehensive professional immigration- related legal services. Our practice includes permanent residence as well as temporary worker classifications.

Permanent Residence Classifications

Labor Certifications - Immigrant Petition for an Alien Worker – Professionals and Professionals with advanced degrees.

Multinational Executives and Managers – In order to qualify for a green card in this category it must be established that the applicant is a multinational executive or manager, that the applicant was employed by the foreign company for at least one of the past three years in a managerial or executive capacity prior filing or prior to entering the United States in non-immigrant visa status, that the foreign company and the United States company are affiliated, and that the United States company to which the applicant is being transferred has been in operation for at least one year and is engaged in active business in the country. The benefit of this type of application is the fact that there is no need for a labor certification application to qualify as an intra-company transferee, multinational executive or manager. (L-1A & L-1B).

Aliens with extraordinary ability - The O-1 non-immigrant visa is for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and has been recognized nationally or internationally forthose achievements.

Temporary Worker Classifications

Health care workers - H-1B Visas-Temporary Professional Workers: H-1B visas are the most common route to work in the United States for professional foreign workers. The basic requirements needed to obtain an H-1B visa are a job offer from a US employer, where the position itself requires a minimum of a specific 4 year Baccalaureate degree and the applicant has the relevant education and/or work experience to fulfill these requirements. The employer must pay the prevailing wage in that specific area for that specific position and file a Labor Condition Application with the US Department of Labor.

Temporary non-professional workers (H-2B visa).

Treaty traders, and treaty investors (E-1 and E-2). The E-1 Treaty Trader visa is designated to allow individuals from foreign countries that are engaged in international trade between the United States and their country of origin to carry on business. Trade refers to commercial dealings in goods, trade,services, and technology. The E-2 Treaty Investor visa is designated to allow individuals from foreign countries to come to the United States to carry on substantial to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which the national has invested, or is actively in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital.

Fiancée visas -Visas for fiancées of US citizens. K-1 Visas are issued to fiancées of US citizens. They are not available to fiancées of lawful permanent residents. Basic requirements: The parties must have met in person within the past two years; they must have a good faith intention to marry and they must be legally able and willing to get married within 90 days of the alien's arrival in the US.

Family-sponsored permanent residence - There are five categories under which an individual can obtain permanent residence through relatives. (1)Immediate relatives of US citizens: These are defined as: spouses of US citizens(including widows and widowers who were married to the US citizen for at least 2 years and are applying within 2 years of the citizen's death); unmarried people under 21 who have at least one US citizen parent; parents of US citizens, if the US citizen is 21 or over. (2) First Preference-Unmarried sons and daughters of US citizens; (3)Second Preference-(F2A) Spouses and unmarried children of US citizens; (F2B )Unmarried sons and daughters of green card holders who are at least 21. (4)Third Preference-Married sons and daughters of US citizens; (5) Fourth Preference-Brothers and sisters of US citizens. 

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